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Item No. BST1-21A
Graphic Size(cm) 85*200
Material bamboo
Packing Bag bamboo bag
Qty / Ctn 4pcs/ctn
G.W.of product(kg) 4
G.W.of carton(kg) 17
Catron Size(cm) 95*30*32
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Roll up banner stands Feature:

     1, alloys, concise style, low cost
2, light and portable, easy to transport, carry and store
3, easy to install, easy to operate
4, economical and practical, the screen can be replaced several times
5. Lightweight and economic, many sizes are available. Such as: 85cm/ 100cm/ 120/ 150c(W) *200cm(H)
6. Banner materials: photo paper, PP, PVC or fabric printing.

Over valued service for roll up banner stands:

1. One-stop-shopping service, include banners,install into the displays, packages,logistic service and quality products.
2. Shipment way: sample order,small order and urgent order by express (UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT) or by air to anywhere; Normal order by sea to anywhere.
3. There are some discount for big quantity.
In stock next day delivery for small order.

Roll up banner stands  the installation and use 

1, the installation
Roll up banner stand the bottom there is a general roll, there are spring, when not to roll back the volume screen advertising. Need to pull out when the canvas with a stick in the back of prop to use. The need to use the roll up when clicking these steps:
A, the "roll up" to turn foot about 90 degrees, facing down.
B, will "roll up" scroll of paper glued on the lead sheet thrown off, to make the image align paste, justified on the straight and flat to make up.
C, the paintings at one end of the plastic cover is open bar, hard plastic core out the middle section, (with a cm wide adhesive tape to be affixed to the hard plastic core on the back edge of the screen), equivalent to over and then back into the metal tube, covered with plastic cover.
D, press and hold the bottom end, hand-pulled paintings section, taking the "roll up" the ring at the bolt face, the picture slowly incorporated into the "roll up" in (Note: Article must first pull paintings and pictures , and then pull off).
E, when used, will be on the "roll up" and remove the folded rod connected at one end rod inserted in the "roll up" triangle plastic openings, and then slowly taking the pictures, the paintings linked article, Hook the top of the metal connecting rods can be.
F, for replacement of the screen, pulled out the picture, with the pin inserted into fixing holes, fixed screen, repeat steps A to D operation can be. 80cmx200cm roll up screen size: 79x200cm (Note: The blank screen size at the top edge of 1cm, bottom left 2cm)
2, the use of
A. Remove the roll up to the main strut out of them;
B. Roll the bottom two brackets to open, to erect on the ground;
C. the main pole and the bottom of the bracket is installed;
D. netting screen connected to the main pole;
E. adjust screen installed to make it smooth and beautiful.
3 Notes
A. As the temperature around the reasons likely to cause slight curl on both sides of the screen, it is recommended not to use the screen in a long time, set the screen kept away; In addition, roll up the screen for the problem of curling, after years of development to improve, does not A similar problem occurs.
B. Roll is the indoor use of publicity materials, should not be used outdoors, because of the temporary promotion if they really need, the best selection of good quality roll up some of the base, preferably in the open roll up roll up the base after behind some heavy pressure; to ensure that no damage to the product.

Roll up banner stand Size

Common sizes are:
80cm × 200cm
85cm × 200cm
90cm × 200cm
100cm × 200cm
120cm × 200cm
Also according to the needs of their production to the advertising company or agreed to do