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Outdoor display stand

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Outdoor banner stands, 3D displays and PVC banner holders, flags and flying banners designed for external shows, events, exhibitions, displays and sporting events made from weather resistant materials and graphics where required, most are also suitable for indoor use
Whatever your event, we are here to help provide you with the best advice to help find the outdoor display stands most suitable for your needs and budgets. Our aim is to make sure you get the right display stands at the right time and at the right price. To help you choose the right exhibition stands and equipment, please email me cindy@goldendisplay.cn or call 86 021 54083336 8004. Our shippment can vary, by air, by express or by sea, which is as your requirement.

Flag display stand
Two types, 5 meters and 7 meters are available.
Base tank is divided into four parts, which hold water or sand for extra stability. Glossy silver color. Capable of expansion and contraction.
Umbrella-rib type supporters are connecter to the base tank and firmly hold the pole in place.
$92/pc for 5ms one
$109/pc for 7ms one

Horizon banner display stand
2500mm, 3000mm and 5000mm(w) are available. large format double-sided weather resistant graphics, which can be linked together for greater impact.
Components Include:
2 x 18 litre bases, which hold water or sand for extra stability
Telescopic aluminium uprights and crossbars and banner fixings
2 Graphics printed on Mesh PVC or Dye sublimated fabrics – maximum graphic size 2400mm(h) x 2500mm(w) or 2400mm(h) x 3000mm(w) or 2400mm(h) x 5000mm(w)
Weight approx. 13.4kg empty and excluding graphics
$128/pc for 2500mm(w)
$137/pc for 3000mm(w)
$247/pc for 5000mm(w)

Hydro outdoor banner stand single-sided display with weather-resistant graphics, which is a stable and easily transported also suitable for indoor use.
Components Include:
Moulded plastic base which holds water or sand for extra stability
Flexible poles
PVC graphic – size 1800mm(h) x 800mm(w)
Carry bag
Optional replacement graphics available