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Outdoor Roller Banner Stands

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 Rigid Pole Banner Stands come in widths right up to about eight feet.  The larger ones are often sold under the name Media Backdrop Banner and, as the name implies can be used as a stunning, seamless graphic display for your exhibition stand, not merely as an ‘add-on’. 

Similar to these Rigid Pole Banner Stands are the Tension Pole Banner Stands.  These are lighter weight and rely on the springiness of the upright pole to tension the banner once this is fixed to the frame.  A new development with this type of banner is producing graphic panels in the shape of a product (for example a bottle) and this can look stunning if positioned correctly.

I personally prefer the Retractable Roller Banner Stands as they are so simple to erect, the graphic panel is protected within the weighted cassette at the base and it stays inside there in storage so you know it is safe.  Many of the top models have a graphics cassette that can be changed almost instantly and this enables you to have a variety of images for use, depending on the circumstances.

Outdoor events are booming and Banner Stands can be seen all over the show grounds and event arenas nowadays.  Outdoor Roller Banner Stands are adapted for the purpose, they are designed not to blow down in the wind because of the danger to passers-by and have a weighted base, usually filled with water or sand to help with this.


Outdoor roller banner stands


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