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How to improve the effect of your products?

Time:2011-01-24 12:08Source:未知 Author:admin Click:Rate

Many times some customers will ask me whether me can make this display stands or not. I answer “yes, we can.” We have a professional team and more than 10 years experiences. The fact shows our works satisfy our clients. here is our some case.

popup system

It consists of two straight pop ups, a big hard case, foam board and spot lights etc. you can put your products in the shelves, and show your products though the big format printing. Is it wonderful?

Another popup booth.  It is composed of two sets of 3*3 units straight popups.

Another popup exhibition.

Popup system.

Is it enough huge to satisfy you? matching with rollups, literature shelves, counters and graphics, it will be up to perfect situation. You will think so, won’t you?

It satisfies you demand for large scale activities or exhibitions. Does it get your some attention? I think it will be. Cause we have others, we can design it as your requirements.

It is large scale popup exhibition consisting of popups, wonderful, is it?

It is large scale booth made by truss system, which help you to realise your purpose that improve your benefits.