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Eight_edges pole case 1

using international standards and design of the booth, the specification of 3.0 m * 3.0 m * 2.5 meters, the main equipment composition: eight prism, eight prism support, lock parts, even the board, double PVC exhibition, exhibition table, exhibition chairs, lamps, etc. Its characteristic is handling fast, easy to transport and save storage space.

eight prism is exhibition booth, the main construction equipment, the use of lock a connection, in line with the exhibition building time is short, installation fast, style beautiful requirements. The combination of standard aluminum alloy, plus arc aluminum used together, can easily design the ideal of the large and medium-sized show venues, standard booths, match on a plate, glass, lamps and lanterns and light box made of cloth, penhui photo exhibition board, promotion tables and chairs, etc., can be applied to the exhibition building, meeting arrangement, the market arrangement, office partition, advertising media and outdoor style the activities.

here are 3 * 3 single standard booths required material list as follows:

3 * 3 single standard booths booth eight prism 2480 mm 10 pieces of eight prism bearing 10 pay flat aluminum 2930 mm

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