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X banner stands

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X banner stands are one of the most popular of choices when it comes to displaying a banner. They give a professional look for the fraction of some more expensive stand costs. The style of an X stand is just like it says; it looks like an “X” on the back side of the banner.

Banner stands in general display a banner upright for people passing by to see. Many department stores use them for their visual impact, to communicate sales and even to promote an event. Other professions that are widely known for using stands include trade show vendors, sports complexes, doctor’s offices and more. There is no limit to what information these stands can display.

X stand types vary in height with the less expensive stand coming in at around 23.5″ in height and the most costly coming in around 48″ in height. As you can see, these are drastic differences in size. The size that a company purchases should depend on their need. For some companies, shorter banner stands work best while some prefer the larger size. No matters what the height, X stands are noticeable and highly effective.

X stands usually come with a carrying case and are always very portable; another reason why many companies choose to go with banner stands in general. The lightweight load of carrying a stand makes it convenient to carry from place to place. Moreover, you do not have to worry about storage space because they fold up and become highly compact.

Overall, X banner stands are preferred for companies on a very strict budget or those that simply need a standard way to display their advertising banners.