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Why do companies attend exhibitions?

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There are lots of reasons why people exhibit China your job is to find out why.
To sell products from the stand.
To find new customers
To demonstrate new products
To meet existing clients
They don’t know!
Flag waving
Because their competitors are going.
Have just changed a name or have been bought out.
To collect business cards
To make appointments for the future.
To give out samples 

Asking these types of probing questions will assist you with the final design. The stand size, shape, design and budget will depend on the reason why they are attending. The corporate image and style of the company will also effect the design.

For example is you went to a solicitors that had oak panelled board rooms, green leather furniture, a brochure with a picture of a wig, a wax seal and the strap line. “ Family Solicitors since 1643”. The final design and “feel” for the stand would be very different to a Solicitors owned by the Richard Branson Group.
Once you are clear with the “feel and style” of the company and you have a mental picture of the “corporate look” you can start to ask questions which will help you build up a rough layout of the stand and its requirements. 
What words would you use to describe the following types of companies?

A leading Airline in your country
A Government Department
A religious organisation
A leading IT company

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