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Taking the design brief

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This article is aimed at helping anybody who has the direct responsibility of extracting a design brief from clients. It is used as part of our own internal training programme at Access Displays Ltd. We also hope that it will help clients in preparing and issuing their design briefs.
 If you would like us to assist you in taking the design brief from your client we would be happy to do so. We work with total discretion and professionalism and are often introduced to Agency clients as their own exhibition specialist.

This information is subject to copy write.

We have all heard the story about the Chinese whisper “take three and four pence we are going to a dance” when it should have been “ take reinforcements were going to advance”.

Taking or issuing a stand brief is one of the most important aspects of being an Exhibition specialist. Yet few of us regularly go prepared with either a written list of questions to ask or worse still choose not to take a designer to meetings to discuss the bigger stands.
When we lose the order its “ because of design”.
This implies that some how the designer has “messed up”.

This simply is not true.

What has happened more often than not is that we have failed to meet the design brief.