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So what should we ask for?

Time:2011-01-22 15:59Source:未知 Author:admin Click:Rate

More often than not we are not given a written brief from the client instead we need to extract a brief. This can be painful and pointless if we are not asking the correct questions and more importantly the correct person.

Before you get into asking the usual questions of how big, how much and where, try starting at the beginning.

It helps to find out about your customer. This can be done before the appointment via the web where you might find out what they do, how big they are, how many people work for the company and how many offices they have. If they are a foreign owned company it is quite possible that the decision will be made abroad. You can pick up product ranges, departments and divisions. You might even be able to see a picture of a previous stand. It’s information like this that the smart Exhibition specialist gathers without thinking.
If they don’t have a web site ask them to send you a brochure before your meeting.