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Cheers and happy new year

Time:2011-01-22 15:23Source:未知 Author:admin Click:Rate

In review of what the past year has been like, I would describe it as yet another year of rollercoaster ride.

Not unlike every year, for some of us, we would always start the year full of hope, aspirations and determinations.

Like every year, these resolutions will be slowly fade in memory with the gradual passing of the year.

And finally with the approach of the end of the year, we would then again look back and ask what the year had meant. Some good, some bad and for the most of us, not excellent.

The cycle continues…

The years pass us by…

Lets all resolve to make this brand new decade break into a new trend by doing things differently.

For a start, define just one breakthrough for the year.

Write it down and place it prominently where it can be seen everyday (for e.g. next to the mirror), so that it can remind you constantly throughout the year, what is the breakthrough you have determined for the year. (If you’re feeling ambitious, you could always list a few more resolutions to achieve for the new year)

Lay out a schedule to carry out your plans in measurable achievable pieces or phases so that you could keep track. Check off or amend your plans accordingly to progress.

Simple enough?

Use this simple 2-steps method and see for yourself how well it works for you. In the very least, you will at least review this year and know that you have done things differently.

Cheers and happy new year

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