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Heat-transfer Printing

Craft is a new developing printing Craft. It is more than 10 years before it’s introduced into china. This craft printing can be divided into two major parts. One is printing of trans-printing membrane and the other is trans-printing processing,
(1) Trans-printing membrane printing use net point printing (resolution to reach 300dpi), printing the design in advance on the thin film surface, printing pattern is rich in level. Bright color, ever changing, small chromatic aberration, good appearing, it can achieve the effect the layout requested and suits mass production.
(2) Trans-printing processing: Trans-print delicate pattern on the trans-printing membrane to the surface of the product. When taking shape, Oil ink layer and surface of product dissolved and mixed together. It looks vivid and beautiful and greatly enhanced quality of the product. But because this craft technical content is higher, many materials must import from abroad. Therefore Printing factory which can be started production independently in china and keep good-quality printing HongDa is one of the them.

Heat trans-printing craft has rich value in decoration which greatly increased its additional value of the product. It ’ s widely Applied in printing surface of each kind of plastics, lumber, ceramics, metal, glass plane and curved surface. Also widely used in industry like cosmetics, toy, electric appliance, building materials, present, food packing and stationery. Our company provides customer to choose with many kinds of colored membrane, we can design and bronzing processing for customer, as well as providing comprehensive technical service.

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