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Heat transfer

 Thermal transfer is a new printing process, from spreading into more than 10 years. This process printing mode is divided into transfer film printing and transfer processing of two parts, the transfer film printing using network printing (resolution 300 dpi), will advance design printed on the film surface, printing design rich administrative levels, colourful, kaleidoscope, color difference is small, the repeatability is good, can achieve the requirement of the design results, and suitable for mass production.

Transfer processing through the thermal transfer machine a processing (heating pressure) will transfer membrane elegant pattern transfer in the product surface, forming the printing ink after layer and product surface for the integrated solution, vivid beautiful, greatly enhance the grade of the product. But as the technology content is higher, many materials all needs to import. Thermal transfer is a kind of transfer printing technology and products, is the use of thermal transfer equipment will thermal transfer paper pattern and image after heating to 180 c0-230 c0 transfer printed on different material media technology forms. The thermal transfer technology used in textile dyeing and printing

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